Welcome to RECNC 2018

This website outlines the role that the Northern Cape Provincial Government, key National Departments and the Office of the Independent Power Producers Office will play in delivering a successful renewable energy conference in the province.


National Development Plan

This policy supports the procurement of at least 20GW of Renewable Energy by 2030.

Integrated Energy Plan

This policy looks into energy scrutiny, access to energy, reducing cost of energy supply, energy efficiency, localization etc

Integrated Resource Plan

This policy lays out the Country’s electricity mix plan from the timing to the sourcing of new generation capacity.

About RECNC2018

The importance and significance to position the Northern Cape Province as a MECCA for the development of renewable energy sources, was highlighted by the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy, which calls for the development of sustainable management and utilization of natural resources and maintenance of the productive value of the environment. The Northern Cape Renewable Energy strategy, finalized in 2013, was an attempt to highlight (1) the renewable energy sources and its capacity, (2) how to maximize the opportunities presented by the energy sources, (3) develop an overall vision for the sector in the province